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February 15th, 2012

Because there were some people who could not order the hoodies after the conclusion of the preorder period, Bird of Ill Omen also printed a limited run of longsleeve shirts bearing a similar motif. These are only available in Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

$23 ppd in U.S.

$26 ppd Canada/Mexico

$35 ppd rest of the world




February 4th, 2012


January 13th, 2012

* Released in conjunciton with Serpents Head Reprisal (


From the ruins of Ross Bay, a pestilent wind arises. RADIOACTIVE VOMIT spew forth smoking bile, in the form of abrasive black metal. Dissonant, disgusting, and wretched, they push the limits of war-infested disharmony to a new level of frenzy. Demobilizing layers of sound embroil over explosive blasts and morbid D-beat militarization.


NOXIUS NEX - “Venenum” CS

Sola Dosis Facit Venenum… Primal, unhinged, ritualism.


Both tapes are $6 each. Contact for total including shipping.


November 22nd, 2011

Bird of Ill Omen will be printing a very limited run of ANTEDILUVIAN hooded sweatshirts. Featuring artwork taken from the “Revelations in Excrement” release, the design here is characteristically amorphous and unsettling. The inclusion of no legible text further adds to the obscure uniqueness of the design.

Because of the high cost associated with creating these sweatshirts, these will be printed on a “made to order” basis. Once these are made, this sweatshirt design will not be printed again. I am painfully aware of the annoying realities of preorders (I, too, ordered the Interment LP), however, there is simply no other way to ensure that the correct quantities are produced. I anticipate that I will have this sent to the printers within the next 3-4 weeks. After that time, no additional orders will be accepted.


$55 ppd in the United States, Canada, and Mexico
$65 ppd world

paypal to: birdofillomen666 [at] yahoo [dot] com

***make sure to indicate the size that you want.



September 5th, 2011

Due to various circumstances, the label has been essentially on hiatus for the past 8 months. I have accepted very few orders and trade requests during that time. I apologize to those who contacted me trying to order items from my list and received no reply. Usually it was because the item you requested was not actually in stock. I have just updated my distro list and will be processing orders and trades once more.

There are also new releases in the works. Bird of Ill Omen will be collaborating with the excellent Canadian label Serpents Head Reprisal on a series of tape releases. The first two of these tapes are nearly ready to be sent to press. RADIOACTIVE VOMIT hails from Canada and plays a Black/Death that is chaotic in its composition yet precise in its delivery. NOXIUS NEX is an unknown Black Metal band (also from Canada) that plays some of the most unique and stylized music that I have recently heard. Thank you to SHR records for inviting me to participate in these releases.

Bird of Ill Omen will also be collaborating with Nuclear Winter Records to release the long awaited WITCHRIST/ANTEDILUVIAN Split EP. Both of the tracks prepared by these bands exhibit some of their finest work. The featured artwork and layout is the result of the collaboration of the two minds responsible for the visual aesthetics of each band.

Finally, I will at last begin working on the long-awaited reissue of VULPECULA’s legendary “Fons Immortalis” MLP. This is truly one of the greatest metal recordings and it will be among Bird of Ill Omen’s crowning achievements to make this available once more.

Review of Voids of Vomit on VFTD

October 5th, 2010

Posted on Voices from the Darkside on October, 4 2010:

Veritas Vltima Vitae (MCD)
(Bird Of Ill Omen Recordings)

The first I’ve ever heard of this fine band, and the best way I can think of to introduce yourself to them, this EP stands among the surprisingly many outstanding releases this year. The soil in Hell is fertile indeed. VOIDS OF VOMIT come from Italy, a country whose long repute no one needs reminding of, for we all know it intimately (BULLDOZER, PAUL CHAIN) Their Metal is part of a new chapter in Italy’s Heavy Metal history. For the last six years or so countries in and around the Mediterranean produced several extraordinary bands between them; bands that closely borrowed from the darkness wrought by early INCANTATION and supplanted MORBID ANGEL’s prayers to the Ancient Ones, resulting in some of the greatest modern Death Metal albums. This, roughly, is the lineage to which VOIDS OF VOMIT belong. Their Death Metal is strong and punishing - but it is also ornate, dark, rich, and lyrical in movement. I would like to see more of this kind of thing, quite frankly. The band tastefully chose to cover DEATH’s ‘Corpsegrinder’ as the last track on the EP. That is something I could do to see more of, too - when it’s done right. We all know how often covers wind up deforming the original songs. VOIDS OF VOMIT did a fantastic job, and that’s no small feat considering who they covered. A band who can cover a DEATH song and do a decent job of it deserves some attention.,

Nat Shapiro

VOIDS OF VOMIT “Veritas Vltima Vitae” mCD OUT NOW!

September 7th, 2010


After two years, Voids of Vomit’s modern Death Metal masterpiece entitled “Veritas Vltima Vitae” is finally unleashed. Having clawed their way out of the catacombs of the Italian scene, Voids of Vomit play traditional Death Metal that touches the same nerves as classic bands from the early 1990’s. Voids of Vomit’s directive is clear: to convey the majestic omnipotence of death with the mute and morbid eloquence of the corpse. When Voids of Vomit recorded their first demo in 2006, the band easily situated itself in the top tier of bands within the modern Death Metal revival. Since then the Death Metal bandwagon has been filled to capacity with scores of bands ostensibly aiming for the same goal. However, where most of those bands fall far short of producing a genuinely noteworthy sound, Voids of Vomit succeed in summoning the most sickeningly macabre metal. While the band’s influences are readily apparent – Asphyx, Grave, Incantation, Miasma, etc. – the manner in which these influences merge within Voids of Vomit’s work is uniquely devastating. Voids of Vomit dig through cold earth to uncover the remains of mortal corpora long perished with the alcohol-sickened and hallucinatory mind of a decrepit digger of graves. Through dense, tumultuous song structures they conjure the odor, the imagery, the intense feel of pure morbidity. Voids of Vomit are notoriously reclusive and there is not likely to be another release by the band in the near future. Fortunately, the 5 tracks on this mCD are unquestionably the most fully realized in Voids of Vomit’s catalog and articulate the purest recitation of Death that this decade has offered.

$8 ppd in US
$11 ppd Canada/Mexico
$15 ppd Europe
$17 ppd Australia/Asia

DOOMBRINGER “Abhorrent Dreams of the End” Pro Tape SOLD OUT

March 15th, 2010


The vault containing the demonic maelstrom known as Doombringer has been opened once more. After the release of Doombringer’s first demo, “Primeval Sorcery,” the dreadful entity has been nearly dormant. Only a handful of copies of their second demo, “Abhorrent Dreams of the End” were released and spread on home dubbed tapes with photocopied covers. Now Bird of Ill Omen has made this document of infinite darkness widely available. “Abhorrent Dreams of the End” finds Doombringer expanded the boundaries of their cacophony in a fashion that is simultaneously more controlled and yet more violent. Increased use of guitar leads and a stronger vocal performance contribute greatly to the enhanced effect of this recording compared to the first demo. This demo represents the emergence of another new voice in Death Metal…one that should not be ignored. Doombringer draws inspiration from sources of unholy esoteric wisdom, but channel these forces in the name of bestial chaos. This pro-tape/pro-printed cover edition will be limited to 300 copies. Fill the skull of cadaver with the spilled blood and drink….


March 15th, 2010


This LP is now SOLD OUT from B.O.I.O. and NWN!…Contact Worship Him Records to purchase:

“Totality” represents the most intensive concentration of the individual spirit and its oppositional assertion into the world of dogmatic reverence for the bland simulacra upon which the legions of mediocrity are perpetually feasting. Although Rites of Thy Degringolade initially represented a solo project of the legendary Paulus Kressman (Sacramentary Abolishment, Ouroboros, Warmarch, Weapon, etc.), by the time he began to construct the monument that would become “Totality,” Paulus incorporated fellow Ouroboros member, J. Wroth on guitars to attain a more powerful result. “Totality” demonstrates the perfection of a synthesis that has become commonplace in the current scene. While the technicality and precision of its attack conjure a manifestation of Death Metal seldom, if ever, so poignantly expressed, the spiritual and psychological sensibility that pervades the album is of a higher order that is generally associated with Black Metal. What emerges is a harrowing exploration of the Self that erupts in a complex mosaic of violence. In this way, “Totality” is a razor severing the woven fibers of the physical world and thereby revealing myriad dimensions beyond the veil that subjugates our senses. Consequently, this album may honestly be characterized as one of the few truly transcendent albums in the Death Metal canon. Musically, “Totality” is unmatched in the hostility of its assault and the depth of its penetration into the mind of the listener. Rites indulge in an orgiastic spectacle of technicality, yet the product is so pure that the work still retains its richness despite the heavy ornamentation. The sound achieved on this album is holistic and organic, and yet so profoundly structured as to coalesce into a mechanized system of such complexity that it is untouched by biological decay. It is the elevation of the organic self into something purified and impenetrable. Long overlooked and underrated, “Totality” has never before been pressed on vinyl. At last, nearly ten years after it was recorded, Bird of Ill Omen and Worship Him have endeavored to rectify this oversight and have at last reissued this masterwork of one of the most important emanations of Canadian Black/Death.


October 27th, 2009

Rites of Thy Degringolade “Totality” LP will be sent to press this week or early next week. This will be a split release with Worship Him Records, and NWN! will also be assisting with the U.S. distribution.

Voids of Vomit mCD will be done soon. Currently awaiting completed artwork for this long awaited release by this Italian horde playing death metal influenced by Asphyx, Immolation, Nihilist, and others. Once received, this will go to press immediately.

Doombringer “Abhorrent Dreams” demo. Bird of Ill Omen will be releasing an official more highly circulated version of the second demo by Polish death metal tyrants, Doombringer. Featuring a more complete line-up of musicians, better production, and more complex songwriting, this demo far surpasses the evil evoked by their first demo, “Primeval Sorcery.” Bird of Ill Omen is honored to present this release.

Antediluvian/Witchrist Split EP-It is simple negligence on your part if you have yet to hear these two bands. Antediluvian plays primordial and arcane death metal. Hailing from Canada, they represent North America’s greatest contribution to the new realm of death metal unfolding in the underground. New Zealand’s Witchrist play occult and bestial death metal in the most violent fashion.